Flipping the ladder; to flip the (career) ladder - To actively step away from the traditional upward-bound path of one career to explore a completely different and/or a new profession.



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The Phenomenon

What if the established idea of career success–moving vertically up the ladder–isn’t working? People increasingly want to explore new paths and define success in different ways. Perhaps all we need is more knowledge – about ourselves and our opportunities – to see the journey from a fresh perspective.

Flipping the Ladder

Flipping the Ladder is a feature-length documentary that explores the modern world of work and asks: What if the next step in your career isn’t up? The film follows three people–a marketing executive, an attorney, and a personal trainer–and features insights from experts on the subject.

Never Stop Learning

GANT has been asking questions for 70 years. Our story began on the campuses of America’s East Coast, so we understand that curiosity is the key that unlocks creativity. In 2017, curiosity prompted us to create Couple Thinkers, a show built around the power of asking questions. Now, with Flipping the Ladder, we continue to challenge conventional thinking.